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Welcome to Goachi! Lots of good stories start with a gin and tonic. And so does ours...

My name is Haroun and I am one of the proud founders of Goachi, a family business. Fourteen years ago I left Belgium and "fled" to Portugal in search of sun and surf, becaus I just couldn't handle the weather anymore! About a 2 years ago my sister Sarah and her husband Pieter squeezed in another visit to Estoril to enjoy a weekend of good food, laughs, beach and sun. And that brings me to the gin and tonic and the beginning of Goachi.

While enjoying the sun and sipping on our drinks in the Albatroz (a must if you ever visit Cascais!) my sister started talking about her search for a healthier lifestyle and changing her nutritional habits. One day, while googling healthy foods and super-foods, an article popped up with super herbs. One particular plant caught her attention: epimedium or Horny Goat Weed. I wonder why! While reading this you probably must be experiencing what we felt when we read the name of this funny plant for the first time!

To understand the name we have to go back almost 2000 years. As legend has it, a goat herder somewhere high in the mountains of China noticed some mysterious behavior in his flock of goats. At certain moments his goats were sexually overly active. The goat herder started observing his flock until he discovered the secret. Epimedium was the secret behind the peculiar behavior of his goats. The goats became overly excited and very happy every time they fed on this particular herb. 

One day Tão Hong Jing, a famous TCM physician in the Southern and Northern Dynasties overheard the goat herder and started studying this plant. After several tests Tão concluded that this herb had a phenomenal ability to boost sexual performance, libido and sexual desire. Tão Hong Jing included this herb in the chinese pharmacopeia and named it "Yin Yang Huo" or Horny Goat Weed. 

Sarah asked her husband Pieter (a plastic surgeon specialized in genital surgery) what he thought about this funny named herb. Skeptical he started googling and after a while he came back and said that there was indeed substantial evidence about the claims of this superplant.

After our afternoon in the Albatroz, I confess that I went home, googled a bit and about 3 hours later I was waiting for my first order!

After their short visit we all went back to our normal day-to-day lives, but Horny Goat Weed stayed on our minds. About 4 months later (while visiting my family in Belgium) I was having dinner with Sarah and Pieter and I admitted that I had been drinking epimedium tea for the last 4 months and that I was surprised about what I felt. Sarah and Pieter also "confessed" that they had been drinking tea for some time now! We just couldn't understand that we had never heard of this super herb. We fell in love with this plant! Epimedium intrigued us so much that two months later we were sitting on a plane to Shanghai to go visit one of the biggest tea expositions in the world and talk to doctors and suppliers of epimedium. We wanted to discover everything we could about Horny Goat Weed!

Funny thing is that we fell in love so much with the plant that we started Goachi!

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Haroun Cherif
Haroun Cherif




November 02, 2015

6 months later I even like it more. Time to send me another discount. ;)

Koen L.
Koen L.

July 10, 2015

I am happy you started Goachi, because I love your product. :) I wish the effects were faster, but at least it’s a natural solution and it works.

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