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This week we got an interesting Libido confession from Lisa (32 years old, marketing manager). Thanks for sending in your thoughts Lisa and I confess that a couple of years ago I scheduled it in too! ;)

"How I felt when my partner asked me to put regular sex dates in our agenda? Surprised and worried at the same time. Yes, we both have busy lives and it’s not easy to find a balance between work, hobbies, friends and family, but I’m still happy and satisfied in all of that. The last thing I need is more planning, I thought. My boyfriend stood firm and started to explain the benefits of sex scheduling. We plan our sports activities, dinner dates with mates because it’s important to us. Unfortunately sex is not valued enough. While it’s so important to feel connected to each other. A healthy relationship is based on love, but physical intimacy is the glue of love. So, let’s schedule! Compare it with going on a holiday, he said, you block off your vacation time on your calendar, you buy some new clothes to wear on the beach and you start the countdown! The preparation is half the excitement. So is planning sex! Where will you meet, will you dress up,…?

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If you put it on the calendar, it isn’t businesslike or unromantic at all. You both will be looking forward to it! The foreplay actually starts with the plan. It’s all in the mind…

We believe in the myth of spontaneous sex and when this doesn’t happen in reality we can become insecure and start doubting about our relationship. The cause: no sex at all.

I must admit, it’s crazy that we book a table in our favorite restaurant and that we’re looking forward to that evening, but planning sex, no way!

So, why not give it a try? Pick a date and put sex on top of your priority list!" 

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Haroun Cherif
Haroun Cherif


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