And the Enemy of Testosterone is?

A balanced diet should provide the body with proteins, carbohydrates and fat (the macronutrients) together with vitamins and minerals (the miconutrients). For a couple of decades now, we are told that fats, especially saturated ones, are bad for our health. So in the western world we started to eat more and more carbohydrates. Unfortunately we eat a lot of processed carbs like everything that is made from refined grains (f.e. pasta, bread, cookies..), canned and dried fruits, sodas, fruit juices, sweets, alcohol and so on. The list of products that contain hidden added sugars is immense, even meat preparations get added sugar! So despite our low-fat high-carbs diet, there have never been so many people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc. That’s because saturated fats and cholesterol in our food don’t play a significant role or no role at all in the development of those diseases. And science backs this up!



So what about those refined sugars? They digest more rapidly than complex carbs in whole foods and therefore the blood sugar level raises faster. The pancreas has to release a lot of insulin to lower the blood sugar level again. So the frequent eating of processed carbs leads to a raised level of insulin in the blood. Science shows that hyperinsulinemia drives diet-induced obesity

Eating too much sugars is what makes us fat, not eating fat. Obesity is one of the causes of insulin resistance and insuline resistance is linked to erectile dysfunction. Another interesting observation is that the testosterone levels drop after ingestion of sugar! Keep that in mind gentlemen! 

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So it’s clear that rethinking our dietary guidelines is a must, it will get you healthier and you will have more fun in the bedroom, or any room you like ;) . 

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Article by Tom Van Biesen. Osteopatia Costa Brava

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Haroun Cherif
Haroun Cherif


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April 02, 2015

No more Ice teas for me before I go to bed. ;) Interesting article!

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