How to buy the perfect gift for your wife

Last week a guy friend asked me for advice on a special present for his wife, a close friend of mine. He was telling me how challenging he found it to get her something that she genuinely liked. Kudos to him that he wasn’t getting her something for a special occasion, but just because he wanted to show her how much he appreciated her, being a warm and hands-on mother to their three sons whilst remaining ‘a very sexy wife’ to him (his words!). This man deserved all the help he could get!

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How to buy the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend by Sarah Cherif

So in order to help him out, I asked two of my girlfriends which gift they had recently gotten from their husbands and why they loved it. I also shared a personal favorite of mine!

"This summer my husband and I had our first romantic get-away without our kids. We have two children, the youngest is 3 years old and for the first time in 5 years, we indulged in a 5-day vacation without our children. I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed every minute of it and had a hard time adapting to ‘real life’ again when we got back home. I kept mentioning how much I missed our sexy hotel room and specifically the luxurious bed linen in Egyptian cotton to top it off. A month into our ‘life as usual’, my husband surprised me by tidying up our bedroom (which basically came down to taking out all the ‘children in the house’ evidence) and making the bed with new Egyptian cotton bed-sheets he had bought. I was so touched by how thoughtful my husband was that I could finally embrace ‘life as it is’ and stopped whining about how much I missed our romantic get-away!" – Charlotte, 37 years old, Belgium.



"Before our vacation, I was in doubt on whether to spend money on a new bikini. I had seen a pretty but expensive little number, but casually mentioned to my husband that I’d rather spend the money on some nice clothes, considering that ‘even the prettiest bikini in the world won’t turn my body into that of a Victoria’s secret angel’. It’s not that I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin, but needless to say that at 52, I’m beginning to question whether a bikini is the best investment piece for me. I didn’t even know my husband had any clue about my body measurements, but he came home with the most beautiful and fitting bikini ever. And the best thing about the whole thing is that my husband told me every single day on our vacation how stunning I looked." – Tiny, 52 years old, Belgium.

Two years ago, my brother and I decided to start a business around an amazing herbal plant called ‘Horny Goat Weed’, the most sought-after natural aphrodisiac in the world. As you probably already guessed, this idea is now Goachi! As anyone who has started their own business can tell you, it can be quite challenging and stressful. We are now 2 years into the business and now that the supplements are doing fine, my brother and I decided to invest again in Goachi TeaI was a little nervous to tell my husband about our new plans, since he had experienced first hand how stressful and not to mention costly, the first start-up had been. The day after we talked about the new ‘Goachi Tea’ plan, my husband had to go on a one-day business trip to London and came home with this very symbolic gold-plated heart-shaped tea infuser. It’s a real piece of jewelry to me and puts a smile on face every single day!



 How to buy the perfect gift for you wife.

After sharing our favorite gifts from our husbands, my girlfriends and I concluded the three common tips we could give my guy friend:

  • Give something that genuinely expresses how sexy and amazing you still find your girlfriend/wife to be.
  • Don’t go for something that is ‘plain practical’, go for something that truly shows your girlfriend/wife that you really want to spoil her and see her indulge herself.
  • Get her something that she has expressed interest in before, it shows her that you really listen and go out of your way to find her that one special thing that holds meaning to her.

Next month we will be back with gift inspiration for him! In the mean time, go and indulge your loved one!

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Sarah Cherif
Sarah Cherif


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