Marrakech ought to be earned as a destination

"I believe that Marrakech ought to be earned as a destination. The journey is the preparation for the experience. Reaching it too fast derides it, makes it a little less easy to understand." ~Tahir Shah

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Well you know what? My girlfriend certainly earned it, so we booked some tickets and wondered of to Morocco for a 2 week adventure. My 7th time, her first...

My 7th time here and I love Marrakech and it's people even more! And this time it felt even better because I came with somebody very special to share this magical city with. Slowly I am getting to know my way around the labyrinth of shops and little streets in the old medina and that makes the whole experience even better! The old medina is a romantic place for lovers to wonder around and get lost and that was just what we were planning to do.

Weird how you get on a plane in Portugal and 1 1/2 hours later you arrive in a completely different world where you are greeted with big smiles and open arms. Never a boring moment here and I am happy I have my girlfriend here to share this memorable experience with!

Marrakech, Morocco

So after dropping of our luggage and a welcome tea on the rooftop of the Riad we wondered of to Jamaa El Fna to absorb the atmosphere, smells, colours and noises of the market place in Marrakech's medina quarter (old city). Time to let the senses and feelings go wild!

"The spectacle of Jamma el Fna is repeated daily and each day it is different. Everything changes - voices, sounds, gestures, the public which sees, listens, smells, tastes, touches. The oral tradition is framed by one much vaster - that we can call intangible. The square, as a physical space, shelters a rich oral and intangible tradition." ~Juan Goytisolo

Marrakech Jamaa el Fna dinner

Moroccan carpets

"A visit to Marrakech was a great shock to me. This city taught me color." ~Yves Saint Laurent

Marrakech Medina

"...writing stories was always a bit like falling in love with a stranger and running off to Marrakech for a long weekend. It didn't have to be successful to be thrilling." ~Ann Patchett

On our last night of our 2 week adventure it was time to head back home, but first one more walk around Marrakech, but this time by night. It's amazing how such a hectic place during the day turns into a beautiful mixture of lights, shadows, doors and something magical and peaceful at night. I am still here and I miss Morocco already...

Marrakech by night

Marrakech by night

Need a place to stay? Check out Riad Matham and Riad de Vinci. And give them my regards!

Riad de Vinci

Horny Goat Weed

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Haroun Cherif
Haroun Cherif


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